Peterborough Wedding & Liftestyle Photographer

Welcome to the website of Alan Howe Photography. I'm a wedding and lifestyle photographer in Peterborough also covering Stamford, Rutland and Spalding.  I currently live in the quiet little town of Crowland with my beautiful wife and daughter.

I love most genres of photography however I specialise in wedding and lifestyle photography. Why? Because I love seeing the genuine emotion in my clients when I present them with their photographs.  It is such a heart warming and humbling feeling to be responsible for capturing magical moments and preserving precious memories for my wonderful clients. 

When I'm not capturing weddings or shooting family portraits I enjoy venturing off to the countryside or the city to do some cityscape and landscape photography. 

The image below is from a recent trip I had to Prague although London is probably still my favourite place for cityscape photography. 

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Why I'm one of the most unique photographers in Peterborough

I consider myself to be unique in relation to other photographers in Peterborough due to the following:

  • I offer a genuine guarantee of my work
  • I genuinely care about your photographs as much as you do.  In fact, I'd go as far to say that I care even more
  • I meet with each an every couple for a friendly free no obligation consultation before confirming a wedding photography booking  
  • I specialise in beautiful large framed portraits and prints to grace the walls of your family home 
  • I don't use a boring studio for family portrait photography sessions. All my portrait sessions are done in an outdoor, natural location such as woodland and lakes. You can even choose a location that means something special to you and your family.  What better backdrop that the beauty of nature
  • I will do what ever it takes to get an amazing photograph, whether this means rolling around in the mud or snow, I will get the job done

Here are a few behind the scenes photographs of me at work on a recent family portrait shoot in December.  And yes... it was very cold! 

My photography equipment (for those that are interested.....) 

I use only professional Canon cameras and lenses for paid assignments such as weddings, portrait sessions and commercial events. 

However, my 'everyday' camera is a Panasonic Lumix GX8 and is usually with me at all times with the hope that when the time comes I won't miss out on getting that once in a life time shot.  Whether it's a UFO hovering over Peterborough Cathedral 'Independence Day' style or the Royal Family performing River Dance in Trafalgar Square, I want it on camera!

Hobbies & Interests (Other than photography of course...) 

  • I enjoy going to the cinema; have done ever since I saw my first film ET
  • I play the guitar having learnt to play classical guitar way back when I was 10 years old
  • Cooking.... I love it, almost as much as I love eating the food afterwards.  Not too keen on washing the dishes though....
  • Watching box sets and eating junk.... Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan... I've seen them all!

A few random facts about me

  • Ironically, I now can't stand the film ET. I hate it
  • I once narrowly missed falling on and probably crushing to death Professor Stephen Hawking
  • I've jumped out of an aeroplane 
  • My favourite colour is purple

Please check out my latest photographs on my Instagram feed below:

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