It's all about me....

.......well, this part is anyway. I won't waffle on too long nor will I attempt to give you my life story,  but hopefully you will feel as if you know at least a little bit about me after reading this page.

As you have probably already gathered from my unique and imaginatively named business; my name is Alan Howe and yes... I'm a photographer, specialising in wedding and family photography in Peterborough and surrounding areas.  I currently live in the quiet little town of Crowland with my beautiful wife and daughter.

I am still clinging on to my thirties as I write this, however, I'm now on the look out for a sports car in preparation for my mid life crisis.

(Photograph above courtesy of Dan Waters)

(Photograph by Shazia Sultana) 

I have enjoyed photography ever since my Grandad bought me my first camera in the 80's, back in the days when you had to wait about a month to see your pictures.  Unfortunately I do have to admit that I was one of those annoying people that insisted on showing these pictures to anyone who unwittingly became my captive audience.

To put it simply, I love photography!  There is nothing like the feeling of capturing that special moment and creating a memory that will last forever, but most of all, seeing the reactions of your clients and knowing that you have touched their hearts.  

Why I'm unique.... 

I consider myself to be unique in relation to other photographers in Peterborough due to the following:

  • I offer a 100% genuine guarantee of my work
  • I specialise in beautiful large framed portraits and prints to grace the walls of your family home (Most photographers in Peterborough and indeed the UK in general offer images on CD's or USB's which sadly end up in a drawer and never actually get printed for people to see)
  • I don't use a boring studio.... All my portrait sessions are done in an outdoor, natural location such as woodland and lakes. You can even choose a location that means something special to you and your family
  • I will do what ever it takes to get a good photograph, whether this means rolling around in the mud or snow, I will get the job done

Here are a few photographs of me at work on a recent family portrait shoot in December.  And yes... it was very cold! 

(Photographs above (x3) courtesy of James Cox aka JJ of J.C.Photography)

More about me.... 

In my spare time I also have a passion for street, wildlife and landscape photography, as well as photographing my beautiful wife and daughter.  You can see some of these photographs via the Instagram feed below.  

Please also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see my recent work and hear about any promotions or competitions. 

My photography equipment - for those that are interested..... 

I use only professional Canon cameras and lenses for paid assignments such as weddings, portrait sessions and commercial events. 

However, my 'everyday' camera is a Panasonic Lumix GX8 and is usually with me at all times with the hope that when the time comes I won't miss out on getting that once in a life time shot.  Whether it's a UFO hovering over Peterborough Cathedral 'Independence Day' style or the Royal Family performing River Dance in Trafalgar Square, I want it on camera!

Hobbies & Interests

  • I absolutely love going to the cinema; have done since I saw my first film, ET
  • I play the guitar having learnt to play classical guitar way back when I was 10 years old
  • Cooking.... I love it, almost as much as I love eating the food afterwards.  My wife also loves that I cook
  • Watching box sets and eating junk.  I mean who doesn't enjoy Walking Dead with a bucket load of crisps and chocolate? 

A few random facts about me

  • Ironically, I now can't stand the film ET
  • I once narrowly missed falling on and probably crushing to death Professor Stephen Hawking
  • I've jumped out of an aeroplane 
  • My favourite colour is purple

Please check out my latest photographs on my Instagram feed below:

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